Window repair Addison

Have you woken up on a sunny day only to see the world through a haze because of your foggy insulated double-pane windows? Most everyone has, but the great news is that this is a common problem that can be resolved if you resort to the services of a professional window repair crew.

There is no point in cleaning the glass, since the problem is not on the outside. Let’s figure out where it’s at then. Practically all of the windows produced today are insulated glass units (IGUs). What it means is that they comprise two or even three factory sealed glass panes. Single panes are principally confined to homes that are over 4 decades old. The most efficient IGUs are filled with either argon or krypton – dense gases that allow for even higher energy efficiency. Their density prevents the outside cold from entering your house. However, with time various issues begin to arise and require action on your part.

Windows begin to fog up for a simple reason – the window seals fail to stop the moisture from entering the inside of the window panes and fog is formed from the tiniest amounts of water.

Getting rid of the fog

The options for dealing with this problem are as follows:

  • Defogging the window
    • Removes the fog
    • Does not replace the gas that escapes during the process or leaks out over time (gas loss is estimated by glass manufacturers at 1% per year)
  • Window replacement
  • Very expensive
  • Replacing portions of the sash
    • Complicated, difficult to find a repair crew
    • Possible if you have removable sashes

Defogging in focus

Let’s see what defogging is all about, as it seems to be the optimal procedure for a quick solution that won’t leave you bankrupt. It’s always best to undertake wood window repair rather than replacement due to the high expenditures incurred by the latter. Replacing just one or two windows tends to cost more per window than if you were replacing them in bulk.

Defogging, on the other hand, costs a fraction of window replacement, and entails drilling tiny 2mm holes in the glass, spraying a specific solution into the space between the glass panes, which makes the fog dry up, and installing vents in these holes.

There’s no need to worry about the gas escaping at a faster rate, since the windows were never completely airtight in the first place. There should be no fog after this procedure is conducted, and the view from your window should not be fogged up any longer. Defogging is among the quality window repair services in Addison that we offer, which also include window glass repair and wood door repair. Please contact us for more information.