Are you cleaning your window sill right?

I have been asked many times, “What is the best way to clean a window sill?” it is important that you follow the right steps in cleaning the sill on your windows to make them last longer. Proper cleaning of window sills also prevents rot.

Rotted window sills may most likely need to be completely replaced, and this can be an expensive project, especially if you do not plan for it. So it is best if you make out the time to clean your window sill often.

The best way to clean your window sill is by using a soft brush and a pad. The brush is used to remove tougher stains and dirt while the pad can be used to clean the window sill after you are done with the brush. It is better to use warm water when cleaning your window sill; however, you must ensure that all traces of moisture are cleaned off the sill with your pad. You can also use a cotton cloth.

Do this often, and your window sill will last longer. However, if you notice signs of rot, a quick intervention can prevent the total collapse of the window sill. We can help.

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