Window repair in Arlington Heights

Just a few random, but relevant facts about windows in general, their replacement and repair from Windows Quality Works, a company that specializes in window repair in Arlington Heights.

Windows in facts and figures

  • About 25% of an average homeowners’ energy bills is accounted for by the leaks and general energy inefficiency of skylights, windows and doors.
  • The wider the space between the glass panes in a double-pane window, the better noise insulation a window will provide. Thicker glass also contributes to noise reduction. The space may vary between ¼” and 1”.
  • Most contemporary window manufacturers suggest replacing windows every 20 years. In reality, most replacement windows will be replaced within the next 10 years. Historical windows can withstand more than a century with proper maintenance.
  • Skylights provide up to 30% more light than regular windows of the same area.
  • Low-emissivity glass coating allows up to 95% of visible light through, while drastically cutting down on the amount of heat leaking through the window surface.
  • Single-hung window constructions are far more durable than double-hung.
  • Replacing your windows with vinyl units adds approximately $12 000 to the value of your home.
  • It is practically impossible to recover the costs of window replacement in energy savings, as the time needed for such recoupment is roughly estimated at about 40 years. Meanwhile, an average homeowner in the US remains in the same house for »5-7 years.
  • In most cases, investing approximately $1000 for window insulation, sealing leaks and small-scale wood window restoration will leave you with the same energy savings as replacing the entire windows, and for an incomparably smaller amount of money.
  • There are no longer federal tax credits in place for replacing old windows with more energy-efficient varieties.
  • Gas fills – argon or krypton between glass panes – aren’t often implemented at high altitude, since the air pressure difference forces the gas out.

Whether you need to just replace glass in a single window, or require major wood window repair in Arlington Heights, please don’t hesitate to call us with any question on the subject of windows. Our experts are here to help.

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