Window repair Barrington

DIY repairs vs. professional work

Wood window repair is a complicated process that requires tool skills beyond what an average homeowner may possess, but some people do undertake such repairs as DIY projects. We suggest that you exercise extreme caution and, if you have no experience with window sashes, to do it on your own only if the repairs required are minor.

A few useful tips

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We decided to put together a few suggestions that may ease the repair process for you, if you decided to brave window sash repair on your own. These are not step-by-step instructions that will guide you through the whole process, but may prove useful.

  • Take great care when removing the old glass from the sash. The glazing putty may be broken and easily removed, but it may also be extremely hardened and stubborn.
  • Use the same type of wood for the ‘Dutchman’ wood patches as the original sash to replace the small rotten parts that you’ve chiseled out.
  • Don’t forget to use water-repellent preservative on the wooden surface before actually painting it, but after all the repair work has been completed. The simplest and most efficient combination is mineral spirits and boiled linseed oil in 1:1 proportion.
  • Window frames rarely need major repairs (unless the house has been abandoned for a long time), let alone replacement. They do require regular inspections, and if you conduct them annually, you can count on managing the minor damage that you discover with epoxy alone.

These are just a few points that need to be noted in connection to conducting wood window repairs (Barrington). For a more in-depth consultation, please consult our experts. We’ll be happy to discuss any relevant issues over the phone or on-site.

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