Bay and bow windows – luxury of space and light

What do you imagine when you think of a house of your dreams? For many people, it’s a house full of light and space, with a beautiful view through large windows. Whether you’re building a house from ground up or renovating your residence, and would like to add a piece of your dreams to reality, bay or bow windows will allow you to bring your house a bit closer to perfection. Let’s see what the differences between them are, and how they are best used within a residence.

Bay windows

The structure of bay windows entails the windows protruding beyond the building’s main walls. There’s a wide variety of angles and the degree of protrusion, but the element that defines bay windows is their three-pane structure. The central pane is the largest and is installed parallel to the wall, and the flanking panes are usually operable.

Bow windows

These are actually a variation on the above-mentioned bay window type. The difference between them is that bow windows create a gentler arch by employing more panes, usually four to six.

For an even greater effect, and if the space allows, consider installing windows that extend through two floors of your house. This creates an absolutely magical impression from both inside and outside. Other advantages include:

  • More visual space is added to your room
  • More light will be allowed to enter the room
  • Ventilation will be improved if you choose casement or double-hung panes
  • Curb appeal and market value will almost certainly increase

Installation of both bay and bow windows is more complicated than that of regular window types, and requires the work of a professional crew. Additionally, installation of bay and bow windows may require a special permit, since they extend beyond the foundation. For all practical purposes, bay and bow windows are basically the same. Considering the extensive glass area, the issue of insulation comes to the forefront, so if you require professional installation or window insulation services in the Chicago area, please contact us for a quote and a consultation.