Window repair Deerfield

Our Chicago-based window repair company offers top quality services that range from the most complicated window frame repair to simple procedures, which sometimes don’t even require the removal of the window sash.

Window frames rarely require any major work, let alone replacement, but sometimes it is necessary. The principal reason is usually the extreme spreading of rot, which usually occurs in houses that were left unattended for prolonged periods of time. When the time comes for the house to come back to life, a new construction window is often required to restore the structural soundness of the window. Another frequent reason is the window being out of square – another effect of time and weather. Yet another reason, which is entirely the homeowner’s choice, is the decision to change the shape or the size of a window.

All of the abovementioned cases require interference of an experienced window repair crew.

Replacing the window frame

Full-frame replacement requires the removal of the exterior trim, then the old wood frame, and the installation of the replacement window. The new window is secured in its place with studs, and the trim is subsequently replaced.

Replacement window frames may be composed of different materials, and our window repair specialists in Deerfield will be happy to provide you with comprehensive info on which material may be right in your case.

Types of window material

  • Aluminum is the least costly, barely requires maintenance, and is strong and sturdy. In terms of energy efficiency, however, it is the poorest insulator.
  • Composite frames combine wood with aluminum or wood with vinyl. Very energy-efficient, attractive, and stable material which, unfortunately, is very expensive.
  • Fiberglass is probably the most durable option, resists cracking and holds its shape regardless of temperature changes. It is costlier than vinyl and requires more upkeep.
  • Vinyl is the most widespread material, it is affordable and virtually maintenance-free. Appearance is the most frequently cited issue that customers have with vinyl windows.
  • Wood – superior in style and energy efficiency, these traditional favorites require the most maintenance.

This is just the tip of the iceberg – for more information and quality professional advice please contact Window Quality Works, a company that offers quality wood window repair in Deerfield and anywhere else in the Chicago metropolitan area.