Double pane windows repair

Double pane windows are traditionally considered a lifesaver in terms of energy saving (which equals money saving in this case), thus adding to the home resale value. Are they as energy-efficient as they are proclaimed to be? Indeed, it is a very useful technology, especially when combined with innovative glass coatings and glazing. In addition, double panes automatically reduce the carbon footprint by requiring less fuel to be burned for the house to be heated properly.

Broken or worn-out windows contribute to huge energy losses, while modernized and refurbished windows are a great way to cut down your energy bills. Insulated glass units, also known as double window panes, are perfect for both keeping the frost out in the cold winter and keeping the heat out in the summer. The insulation is provided by the sealed air pockets between the window panes. If the seal breaks up and begins leaking air (or argon or krypton gases in some cases), the insulating qualities lower significantly.  Double pane window repair is often required when:

  1. Window pane is broken or distorted;
  2. Moisture condenses between the two panes;
  3. Glass looks milky.

Repair options

Sometimes homeowners may opt for replacement, but there’s no need to invest a huge segment of your budget in window replacement – it’s a serious investment with approximately $600 for a mid-range window. Window repair is often entirely feasible in most cases, and we will be happy to come in for a free estimate and a consideration of what the best means are to keep your house warm and cozy.

Window fogginess stems from moisture penetrating the air pocket, thus foggy window repair involves removing the moisture and resealing the pocket at a fraction of the cost of window replacement. We also deal with broken window panes in the shortest amount of time and with the best quality materials. Cloudy glass that is not accompanied by fogginess and cannot be cleaned off with any household chemicals usually denotes a very old glass pane, and requires replacement.

In any case, Window Quality Works is a reputable company to turn to if you in need of double pane window repair in Chicago and the surrounding area, or any other type of window or related repairs – from wooden doors to window sash repairs and restoration of rotten frame parts.