Window repair in Elgin

Wood window repair (Elgin) can be of a very different scale, some are feasible as a one-day do-it-yourself project, others requiring a full crew of experienced repair pros. We are always here to assist you in dealing with window repair in Chicago and the surrounding area, and window sill repair is one of our specialties.

Common problems

Window sills suffer greatly from the elements – since they sit horizontally water is often collected under them if they haven’t been properly sealed. Rot subsequently results, and… well, replacement is often the way to go, especially if the problem is discovered too late and the damage is considerable.

There is a certain algorithm to window sill replacement, and we’ll give you a quick run-down, so that you know the basics.

The extent of damage may be checked by simply poking around with a screwdriver or another instrument. Rotten wood is soft, and if the rot has worked its way all the way through – it’s time to contact a construction crew and have them check the house’s structural soundness.

You can use wood hardener and a two-part epoxy-based filler on localized rot, clearing it out carefully first.

If replacement is necessary, it’s best to turn to professionals in wood window repair in Elgin. It is a multi-step process and requires skills and experience.

An overview of the required steps

1) Removing the stool (the interior equivalent of the window sill). They are attached in different ways and require different removal techniques;

2) For entirely rotten sills – cut sill in pieces and remove them. For partly rotten sills – remove the whole window sill and use it as a template for a new one;

3) Mark and cut out a new window sill;

4) Place and secure the new sill in place;

5) Nail it from the top;

6) Caulk the joints;

7) Prime and paint the seal, weatherproofing it against further damage.