How to Replace a Rotted Wood Window Frame

Every wooden component of your home has a limited lifespan. Wood rot is, in fact, a normal issue to deal with as a homeowner. Protecting your home from elements such as humidity and rain is the best way to ensure that the wooden components in your home do not deteriorate faster than they should.

However, for some components of your home, such as a wooden window frame, it isn’t easy to fully protect them from moisture and weather elements. As a result, from time to time, you will see that your window frame has some unattractive decay.

Replacing the rotted wooden frame can stop the rot all together.

You will need to inspect the damage so as to know the extent of the repairs required. You also need to note the parts that need to be replaced.

In the case of little patches of rot, you can drill holes to scoop out the rot, then apply wood fillers before painting the entire frame.

If, however, the damage is too far gone for such easy fixes, contact us immediately. Your window frame will be restored to prime conditions as we are the best for the job. Contact us right away to repair your window frame.