How to Replace a Rotted Wood Window Sash

Proper maintenance can keep your wood window sash looking exquisite for decades. However, wood remains biodegradable, and sooner or later decay will set in.

As time goes on the effects of weather and other elements will become apparent, and you will notice chips and rot in your wood window sash, regardless of maintenance.

If caught on time, these chips, splits and rots can be rectified with a simple sports repair. Simply scoop out the rotted parts if any and fill the cracks and chips with epoxy before smoothing it over and painting.

With regular inspection and good attention to detail, your window sash will look good for a long time. If however you have neglected to inspect your wood window sash for some time and the damage has become quite extensive, you may need to replace it entirely or partially.

To replace a rotted wood window sash, you simply need to contact professionals that can provide you top-notch services with excellent results.

Contact us today to replace your rotted wood window sash.

We will replace the entire window sash assembly or components as they may be.