How to Replace a Rotted Wood Windowsill

Wooden windowsills provide your home with a lot of aesthetics. However, they also have a limited lifespan. Wood is, unfortunately, a biodegradable material. Hence it will rot after some time. Exposure to weather elements all year long also increases the risk. Rot usually happens if, for some reason, water gets trapped in the wood. If a wood window sill is not properly flushed or adequately protected the chances of rotting increases.

If the damage affects a small area, you should be able to use a simple epoxy repair. However, if the rot is extensive enough to cover a tenth of the windowsill, you may need to remove the old windowsill and replace it.

Replacing a small Part of the window seal with a solid piece of PVC will replicate the thickness and blend in better with the rest of the window sill. It is also generally less expensive and can be painted over. Effects of harsh weather conditions are not a concern because it doesn’t rot.

If however, the damage to the window seal is extensive and cannot be rectified by a simple fix. You need to contact us right away to get the best professional assistance and restore your window sill to its prime condition.