Window insulation service

Window insulation is as important as window repair, if not more important in the long run. We’re too far up to the North not to be concerned with insulation.

Your windows shouldn’t be letting anything through besides what you want them to – bright sunshine on a cheery morning, or cool breeze in the summer afternoon, but definitely not the cold draft that’s looking to sneak in during the cold time of the year.

In the wintertime, you’d want to insulate all windows and doors against drafts which make you catch colds and also steal your money. The warm air seeps out, while the cold air replaces it, and the EIA (Energy Information Administration) claims that almost 30% of heat loss at a poorly insulated house occurs due to poorly fitted and sealed doors and windows.

There are two ways to go about lowering your heating bill and increasing the energy efficiency of your house or apartment. We are a window repair company that offers a full range of services from wooden window repair, window glass and frame repair to the insulation of your existing windows.

What are my window insulation options?

The simplest and most expensive method is to replace the windows. However, it’s not an option for everyone because of many reasons, not the least of which is the high cost. For those renting an apartment and freezing in it replacing the windows is not even an option. Also, the owners of historical houses may be emotionally attached to the original window frames.

As far as cost-effective methods of dealing with window insulation, we offer caulking and weather-stripping, insulating window panels and installation of interior storm windows. Let’s go over each option in a little more detail.

Caulking is the process of sealing fissures under 0.25” wide, and only on the window’s non-movable parts. Weather-stripping, on the other hand, is best when used on non-movable parts. Used together and in proper way, these two methods are so cost-effective that the amount of savings during the next heating season should offset their cost.

Heat shrink window films and Low-Emissivity films are available for the brave do-it-yourselfers, and require a steady hand and a desire to experiment with window repair.

Insulating window panels and interior storm windows can be installed for the cold season and removed when necessary.

Call us, and we’ll offer you various ways to warm up your house at a reasonable price.