Window repair Lincolnshire

This post is for those who are currently considering window replacement and would like to know more about different types of windows, their materials and structure, in order to select the best one for their specific case. Let’s start with the pros and cons of the two most popular window materials.

Wood vs. vinyl

Wood windows are the traditional choice, and if your house has a pronounced historical look, it is unlikely to look authentic with white vinyl units. Even if it doesn’t trouble you personally, it may bother prospective buyers, if and when you decide to sell the house. Statistics suggests that approximately 80% of the money you invest in window replacement is recouped by the increase in the price of the house during the next sale.

It’s subjective, but we believe wooden windows have more character, and fixing and insulating them properly will yield impressive results in terms of energy efficiency, durability and savings. They, however, require a certain amount of upkeep for optimal looks and performance.

Wooden structures allow for window repairs in the future, whereas vinyl windows can only be replaced at a much higher cost. Wood window repair (in Lincolnshire or anywhere else) usually entails part replacement, so it can be done at a fraction of the price of window replacement. Vinyl windows, on the other hands, require practically no technical maintenance or repainting. They are most often double-glazed and offer excellent protection from the elements and heat insulation. However, properly installed quality wood windows rival them in these features and are also far more durable.

Our window repair company in the Chicago area provides top quality services from glass replacement after a stray baseball hits your window to window sill repair and construction frame replacement necessitated by the rotting of the wood. For an honest price quote and fast, reliable window repair in Lincolnshire call us and we’ll assist in solving your window-related problems.