Window repair in Morton Grove

If you’re looking for wood window repair in Morton Grove, you’re in the right place. We offer affordable, high-quality services in door and window repairs in the Chicago area.

Window glass is the window’s most fragile part, susceptible to storms, break-ins and rogue balls flying in from the street. While the damage to the wooden elements of the sash, or the window sill take a long time to set in, window glass may be broken in an instant. It’s definitely not a good idea to repair broken window glass on your own unless you have previous experience with it. Technique is one issue with new glass pane installation, and another is safety.

Just a few tips for a DIY enthusiasts

  • Wood sashes and vinyl frames require entirely different kinds of work, with the latter being easier to work with.
  • Glass comes in different thicknesses, and the options such as shatterproof glass may be preferable for heavy-use areas. Double glass panes may actually be easier to install as a DIY project, while working with single panes is less safe.
  • Replacing broken window glass starts with the removal of glass shards.
  • Removing the sash from the frame isn’t always required.
  • The ease of putty and glazing removal depends heavily on whether it has dried up over time. Hardened putty may be softened with a heat gun.
  • The frame must be prepped for new glass installation with a wire brush and wiped with a damp rag. A layer of linseed oil on the rabbet will help the new putty stick well.
  • The piece of glass that needs to be ordered should be 1/8” shorter than the height and width of the window sash opening in each direction.
  • If minor window sash repair is also required, it may be a good idea to combine glass replacement and the repair works.

In any case, if you’re in need of assistance with your window repair in Morton Grove, call on Window Quality Works for quick service, transparent pricing and top quality.