Window repair in Mount Prospect

Window repair entails a wide range of services, and some of them don’t actually include repairs. Window QW offers quality window repair in Mount Prospect and the surrounding area, and we suggest that proper window maintenance can impressively extend the life of your windows, and make your home a cozier place in all seasons. The extreme heat and lack of ventilation inside in the summers is as annoying as the cold drafts and huge heating bills in the winter. So, if you are encountering either problem, or both, weather-stripping your windows is the way to go.

Heat loss is a serious issue for homeowners, and windows are frequent offenders. Even the smallest gaps between the window frame and the window sash, or, for older windows, the fissures between the glass and the sash may be costing you hundreds of dollars.

Caulking is the first and most basic step to take. Concentrate on exterior caulking in particular, although interior caulking won’t hurt either. Exterior glazing putty should be kept in check as well – it should seal the glass tightly against the sash.

All minor window repairs, including window glass repairs, should be undertaken prior to weather-stripping, so as to make it more efficient and to avoid removing the newly applied caulk and putty in order to repair the window frame later on.

Weather stripping types

  • Nail-on tubular gasket

The most durable choice for wood windows.

  • Self-stick tubular gasket

Works well on large and uneven gaps, but doesn’t look very attractive

  • Rope caulking

Quick and easy to use, but doesn’t last for more than one season

  • Self-stick foam

Easily cut and applied, but not durable

  • V-strip

Make sure you choose the EPDM kind, which stays flexible over the years and provides the best insulation

  • Spring bronze

Great for gaps that are of a stable width size

Best–looking choice

Weather-stripping is not a difficult task, but if you’d like some advice and tips from professionals in wood window repair and maintenance in Mount Prospect, please call Window Quality Works. We can undertake any type of repair or maintenance work on your windows and doors, and you’ll be pleasantly surprised with our prices, quality and friendly demeanor.