Old window sash replacement in Naperville

Wooden window sashes have a lot of advantages, one of which is the beauty they add to a window. The warm and cozy look provided by a good window sash can be significantly undermined by rot and decay that may damage a window sash so extensively that a full window sash replacement is the only course of action. While rot is an inevitable eventuality with wooden window sashes, good window sash replacement is the best way to ensure that the window sash maintains its visual appeal as well as its structural integrity.

It is important to note that not all damaged window sashes require replacement, however, the more extensive the damage done to a window sash, the greater the chance of the window sash needing a replacement. Window sash replacement may be complete or partial, depending on the extent of the deterioration.

The presence of cracks or chips on the window sash does not necessitate a full window sash replacement. However, the old window sash may benefit from a partial window sash repair and even retain and refresh their home’s interior decor. However, an obviously rotted window sash would benefit exceedingly from a complete replacement.