Pivot casement windows

The most common types of windows in American residential buildings are

  1. double-hung windows, where two window panes slide up or down to open
  2. slider windows, with a fixed part, and a part that slides to the side to open
  3. casement windows, which are fixed on a hinge and open like a door.

Casement windows are further subdivided into a considerable number of subtypes. There are varieties that offer different movement vectors. Some windows tilt, some pivot, some tilt and turn, still others tilt and slide. The more movement options a window offers, the greater is the chance that its complicated mechanisms may wear out or break. We offer all types of window repairs, including pivot casement windows repair in Chicago and the surrounding area.

Advantages and disadvantages of casement windows

In general, casement windows offer many advantages.

  • No other type of window can open as widely, and if you love lots of air in your home, it’s the best choice for you.
  • Fewer muntins allow for a better view of the surroundings.
  • If your home is located in such a way that only side breezes bring in the air inside, casement windows can be angled to catch those breezes.
  • The hook-shaped casement locks embedded in the frame make casement windows the most secure, preventing break-ins.
  • Second most watertight type of window (after fixed)
  • Open easily

Do casement windows disadvantages as well? Let’s go over some.

  • There are more mechanical parts that may potentially create problems for the owner – handles make break off, gears sometimes freeze, leading to the need for pivot casement windows repair or replacement.
  • Casement windows located side by side may conflict with each other in an open state, although this is an anomaly that is not usually allowed by window installers in the first place.
  • A/C window units will not fit into casement windows, and will require major adjustments if you’d like to install one, or the purchase of a more expensive A/C unit.
  • Open casement windows are more prone to the elements, and may break in case of a windstorm, making window sash repairs

In any case, whether you have casement windows, or any other of the many contemporary types of windows in your home, they may need repair from time to time, and they certainly do need maintenance. Window Quality works offers a full range of services – from window sill repair to full replacement, and we are just a phone call away!