Repair an old window sill in ELGIN

One of the most common complaints of homeowners is window sill damage, and this is because the window sill often bears the brunt of weather elements. Hence, to repair an old window sill in Elgin, you need a skilled and experienced hand to get a perfectly finished job done on your old window sill. The external window sill gets the most damage from weather elements and may even absorb moisture from rain depending on the design.

By absorbing moisture, the rot will begin to set in the external windowsill and subsequently spread if not promptly repaired. Fortunately, prompt repairs and proper maintenance will remedy the situation. If, however, the rot in your windowsill is too extensive to be repaired economically, we will craft a new window sill from the most durable hardwood and profile it to either match the old windowsill, or improve on the design.

While repairing and replacing old damaged or rotten window sills, we ensure that the strength and structural integrity of the entire box frame of the window remains optimal. With an extensive wealth of experience, our windowsill repairmen will efficiently and promptly fix or replace your old windowsill in Elgin and return your window sill to the sturdy and beautiful design you know and love.