Repair an old window sill in Naperville

A window sill is a small part of window construction, which usually gets little attention, but it serves many purposes. It can be used as an additional storage space, part of the interior and exterior decoration, a stand for flowers, and so on.

Because it is used for so many purposes, window sills can get damaged very easily. The Naperville area is filled with historical buildings that have wooden sills. Although old wooden sills have a charming look of rich heritage, their huge disadvantage is that they start to rot over time. If the damage is not severe, with a little repair and a good cleaning this issue can be easily fixed.

However, if the deadwood takes over more than 10 percent of the surface, a simple repair might not be enough. If you think that your old window sill requires a little make-over or renovation, it is better to refer to a window expert in Naperville. They can help you evaluate the damage and provide advice on how to extend the life expectancy of your sill in future.