Repair an old window sill in Schaumburg

Repairing an old windowsill in Schaumburg has never been easier. All you need to do is contact us to get our skilled and experienced windowsill repair services promptly. While it is a widespread belief that lack of sunlight is the quickest way to cause deterioration in an old windowsill, the opposite is the case as sunlight causes the paint covering protecting the windowsill to crack, exposing the windowsill to moisture. Upon arrival, our skilled and experienced window sill repairman will make preliminary findings to determine the extent of the rot, damage, or deterioration of our window sill and recommend repair or replacement depending on the level of damage.

Typically, your window sill can be repaired by removing the rotten wood and replacing it with our special epoxy resin. We will then take further precautions to prevent water damage. However, if the extent of the rot or damage invalidates repair attempts, we will recommend a total replacement using the most durable and weather-resistant hardwood. We will craft the new window sill to match the design of the old one and install it on your window without compromising the structural integrity of your window. Contact us today to get the best windowsill repair service in Schaumburg at the most affordable prices.