Residential window repair

Residential window repair near me is a way to deal with many issues – improve the appearance of your home from both inside and outside, allow more light inside the rooms, secure windows against the elements, reduce your heating bill by an impressive amount, secure it against break-ins and increase the overall value of your home. It’s also sensible to treat minor rot on and around the windows before it spreads, penetrates the larger structural elements, and becomes a much more expensive project.

DIY or pro?

Some window repair and maintenance projects can certainly be done on your own, but anything that you’re not completely sure of is best left to professionals. Otherwise the costs of restoring the repair site to its original condition and then doing the repair or replacement work over again may become way higher than you’d like them to be. Window replacement, in fact, should not even be considered as a potential DIY job due to a number of factors:

  • Finding and purchasing replacement windows on a retail basis is difficult;
  • Window installation is a more difficult job than it seems;
  • It will also take much longer than you may expect, while a professional crew will usually be able to replace all of the windows in your home in one or two days;
  • Window replacement requires a crew of several people;
  • Specialized tools are required for the job;
  • Peripheral work, such as sealing the windows with cladding on the outside, or plastering window jambs on the inside, is just as challenging if you’re new to this process.

In any case, the wisest thing may be to manage smaller jobs on our own, and call in the pros for the large-scale repairs. The examples of the former may be treatment small spots of rot on the window frames, window sills or, if you are handy with tools and have someone to help you handle large parts, replacing individual glass panes.

The team at Windows Quality Works is experienced in providing the complete range of window repairs and restorations. The most frequently required services include wood window restoration, eradication of fogginess in double-pane windows and replacement of window glass and moving parts that have stuck and no longer allow to properly open or close the window. We’ll gladly advise you on what the best way is to deal with your windows, doors or other related issues.