Rotted window sill repair in Buffalo Grove

It is fairly common for homeowners to neglect a rotten window sill until it has grown into a much bigger and more expensive problem. Rotted window sills eventually lead to water intrusion. This is due to the fact that once your wooden window sill starts rotting, water will continuously enter it and furthermore degrade the integrity of it. This will eventually lead to a cycle where the water accelerates the rotting of the sill.

The thing about water intrusion is that, once it enters your home through your windowsill, it will seep into the interior walls and floor as well. This will furthermore lead to the accelerated rotting of your floor and walls. As such, if you notice water coming from your window sill, it’s highly recommended that you use our services, to eliminate the need to eventually replace the sill itself, specifically the sections of your walls and floor that have been damaged by water that was seeping into it. Our Buffalo Grove based window replacement company can evaluate your sill to determine if it can be restored or provide you with a cost effective replacement.