Why you must repair Rotted Window Sash Quickly

There are always signs to indicate the beginning of rot on your window sashes. If you are not observant, the rot can become severe and there may be need for a complete replacement of the window sash.

The window sash has many important functions. It holds the glass firmly in place and supports the window frame.

Rotted window sash can be due to exposure to moisture, substandard materials, and poor installation.

Here are the reasons you must call a window repair expert to repair rotted window sashes

The window sash holds the glass panes

If the sash in your window is compromised, there is a risk of the glass panes collapsing. This can be dangerous to occupant in the building. So it is best to fix rotted window sashes quickly.

Prevent leaks

Window sashes prevent leaks when it rains and during the winter season. Leaks can damage other parts of the window and the surrounding walls, which will happen if the sashes are rotted.

Locking the window

The window sash plays a role in ensuring your windows are properly locked. Faulty and rotted window sashes cause windows to be stuck, and this can lead to many issues.

There is a solution to rotted window sashes. We offer excellent rotted window sash repair services in Lake Forest. Our experience and expertise in window repairs cover different types of windows. Call us for an onsite inspection and a professional fix.