Window frame repair in Lake Forest

Once your casement windows become fogged up, drafty or hard to open, it’s time to consider repairing it. Windows are a major source of heat loss which is why it is important to fix any problems that arise with them. A casement window is a window with a hinged band that swings – they are usually made of wood or metal. This window worked with a mechanism referred to as an operator and like every mechanical item, breakdown is inevitable. In this article, we will discuss the different issues associated with casement windows and the solutions to repairing them. Let’s get right to it, shall we?

If a casement window is stiff and difficult to function, the solution to this is to clean and lubricate the gears of the moving parts. On the other hand, if the metal moving parts are broken, they would need to be replaced.  If closing the window is difficult, take a closer look at the frame to find out if there is anything blocking the flow of the window.

Scraping and sanding the caked paint blocking the windows flow may just be the solution to this problem – other times, it may just be a problem with the binding wood. Another casement window problem area is the operator arm which is often clogged with dirt. Cleaning the residue will ensure the smooth operation of the window. We offer the best wood window frame repair in Lake Forest, contact us today.