Window sash restoration in DARIEN IL

Like all window elements, the window sash is subject to deterioration. There are two paths to take – sash restoration/repair or sash replacement. Replacement will certainly get you a new window sash at a price that you may not be willing to pay, however, restoration may be an option that you should consider. Whether broken, or simply old, a window sash may serve you for years to come if properly restored.

Fortunately, there is a professional team to turn to for affordable and careful window sash restoration in Darien, IL. We have specialized in repair and restoration of various elements of windows in both residential and commercial spaces for many years, so we can quickly and easily diagnose your window and save you money whenever possible.

We can repair a broken window sash in a flash or restore an old one. A broken window is a safety hazard and may no longer protect from the elements either, so we recognize the importance of speedy repairs and are ready to help right away. Contact us for an estimate and make the right choice.