Window sash restoration service

Replace or repair?’ is certainly the most frequently asked question in the sphere of window repair. We hear it several times a week, and most often our answer is ‘repair’. The reasons for that answer are many and we will discuss them in the post below.

Besides unquestionably adding authenticity and charm to your house, historical windows are basically made in a way that no window today will be able to match. They really don’t make them like as they used to, and, perhaps, for only for an exorbitant amount of money you may get something similar. Whether or not you are willing to invest that sum into window sash replacement is a different story.

Repair work vs sash replacement

If your windows have survived for approximately a century, chances are that with some effort they will last for decades more. The two main reasons for such sturdiness are the quality of materials and the quality of craftsmanship. Most old windows were built from old-growth pine, a dimensionally stable material that is so forgiving that it may only require minor window sash repair work in spite of looking hopeless at first glance.

Window sash restoration is the answer in most cases, and even though energy efficiency of newer windows is usually cited as the principal reason for window replacement, actually, an experienced and knowledgeable crew like ours can make your windows even more energy efficient than the new models. That’s something window manufacturers don’t emphasize, comparing the characteristics of their windows to the old, pre-repair sashes.

If sash rot is localized, which it often is, minor window sash repairs can be done right on the spot without removing it from the opening. Even if it has already spread to a significant part of the bottom rail (the bottom parts usually suffer the most) or a side jamb, only that part may be removed and restored to a proper state.

Once you’ve set your mind on restoring your windows, please call us for a free consultation. We provide window sash restoration services in Chicago IL and the surrounding area, and will be happy to advise you of our professional opinion on the condition of the windows at your home or business venue, and the best way to deal with the issues you may be having.