Window sill repair service

We already wrote a blog post on wood rot that windows are so often plagued by, but we cannot overemphasize the importance of routine examination and maintenance before actual wood window repair is required. So, we decided to concentrate on this unpleasant process once again and bring your attention to the types of rot and the ways of dealing with them.

Let’s look at the stages of disintegration that various wooden elements undergo before requiring attention – from repainting to major repair and replacement.

Peeling paint

Window sill paint may peel or crack – or both, which means that the wood on the inside is no longer protected. Most homeowners remember that periodic repainting of their home exterior is a necessity, but certain elements, such as the flat window sills, are more prone to damage from water than others. It’s best to examine them yearly and repaint after scraping off the flakes of old paint.

Softened wood areas

Fungi and mold are ready to move in the second the cracks in the paint appear. They feed on the wood, breaking down its structure and softening the surface and the deeper layers. A couple of golf-sized areas affected by the mold and fungi may be cleared out thoroughly and filled with an epoxy filler, but larger areas require the replacement of one or more boards, since structural integrity may be affected. The window sill replacement may or may not warrant the removal of the entire window frame, depending on the construction.

Rot on the vertical trim boards

In the best-case scenario, all that needs to be done is replacing the boards themselves along with clearing out the damaged areas underneath. The costs incurred are unlikely to be significant.

Rot on the window jambs

This is a more serious condition that often requires window replacement, and, in the most extreme cases, replacement or reinforcement of the compromised wood structure holding the window.

Damaged framing around the window

The most severe issue you may encounter, which calls for the rebuilding of the entire rough opening and sometimes also the replacement of the window sash itself. This is what happens when the warning signs of rot penetration are ignored over a long period of time.

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