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Window repair in Chicago and Suburbs

Are you looking for window repair company in Chicago? We’re the right choice!

Windows create the mood in the house, they protect from the elements and provide safety, also allowing us to enjoy the view. When a window is broken for any reason – whether a stray football hit a glass pane, rot has gotten the better of your historic wooden frames, there’s been a break-in, or your double-hang window is stuck and snow is blowing right in – we are here to help.

We are Window Quality Works, a window repair company in Chicago, IL . We know that any damage to the windows has to be fixed at once, we are reliable, responsible, fast and, of course, we offer you the highest quality expert service in home window repair and all associated services, such as

  • Wood window repair;

  • Window repair;

  • Rotten window repair;

  • Rotten sill replacement;

  • Door sash replacement;

  • Glass replacement.

There are plenty of window repair companies in Chicago that offer similar services, but we believe that we excel at what we do and you will be glad that you turned to us for window repair.

We will respond quickly, and in case of emergency repairs we’ll offer a temporary solution that will protect your windows and your home while a permanent solution is being worked out. If the window needs to be boarded up for a time, we’ll be able to do that while ordering new panes or cutting glass for your new window.

We also offer window upgrades, and a result of our work your house will not only look better from both inside and outside, but also improve the insulation and, ultimately, significantly lower your heating bill. And, since we’re just a bit north of Florida, heating can be costly, as you very well know without our reminders.

Our masters are professional and courteous, with decades of experience in wood window repair . We offer different payment plans and discounts in certain cases. We are also proud to inform you that our pricing is always upfront, and we will not surprise you with any additional charges when the work is done. Even when, in the course of repairs, we discover that extra work may be required, we will always inform you prior to starting it.

Contact us for window repair services, and we will be happy to provide a consultation and suggest the best way to go about it.

Company contacts

  •   + 847-979-0316
  •  2100 Maim St. Melrose Park, IL 60160

Repeated appeals
Our window sashes and window sills were completely reconstructed by Window Quality Works. The end result was just beautiful! These windows were rebuilt to last for decades, and we’ll try to provide proper maintenance. Very courteous and patient masters, addressed all my questions and doubts. I recommend their services to anyone with wooden windows in need of repairs.
Sean X.
Sean X.
Naperville, IL
My family moved into a beautiful historic house, and one of the major problems was with the three huge glass patio doors. All of them had rotten sashes, and the seal was broken on one of the layered windows. It looked like it was beyond repair, but the Window Quality Works crew came in, extracted the rotten wood, and right on the spot they built 3 new sashes, cleaned the entire glass and fixed the broken seal! They used matching paint for the new sashes and cleaned up their work area perfectly, with no saw dust anywhere. I didn’t even have to ask them to take their shoes off inside the house. Now I definitely know who to turn to for window services. The work also cost much less than we expected. These guys are pros!
Mike M.
Mike M.
Westmont, IL
Great work. The owner and his team conducted professional repairs of all 16 casement wood windows in our house. They were quick and skilled in removing the entire windows to make sure the sashes, window sills and brick moldings were all properly maintained and in good condition. All of the decomposed wooden parts were removed and replaced with new components, thoroughly primed and painted. Communication was easy, no problems there. At first their prices seemed high, but we saved a huge amount by avoiding window replacement. Thanks for the top-notch work, guys.
Bharat S.
Bharat S.
Aurora, IL
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