Window repair in Buffalo Grove

Historical houses have an undeniable ambiance about them. There’s a spirit that many people like to preserve, and it is present in the larger structure itself, as well as in the smallest details.

When you purchase an older house (or a building for any other purposes, for that matter) you are often confronted with a choice whether to restore various parts, or replace them, which may seem technically easier. Restoring historic windows (and most other elements) is actually much more economical and environmentally sound than replacing them with brand new ones. Do you know that 200,000 buildings are torn down every year in the United States? That’s over 120 million tons of construction debris. Most of these could have been brought back to life for a much smaller cost and with a great result. Historic buildings can be made energy efficient, and it makes far more sense to make better use of the already existing homes.

Reasons to repair, not replace

We are in the business of wood window repair and door repair, and our experience comes in very handy for the restoration and weatherization of original historic windows in old houses. While replacing entire window blocks may be tempting to home owners (for one, due to its quick makeover effect), leaving the originals in place is at least worth considering for the following reasons:

  • Pre-1940 wood windows are mostly made from higher quality material. The durability, rot resistance, density and dimensional stability of the old-growth wood, predominantly used in the pre-WWI period, is incomparable to the same parameters of the contemporary wood windows.
  • Original windows were custom-made according to specific measurements, and have deformed slightly with the house. Installing new windows usually means introducing drafty cracks to the structure.
  • The alleged energy efficiency of the newly installed windows will never exceed that of restored and weather-proofed windows, while the cost of their replacement will never (we repeat, never) be covered by the savings on your electricity bill. We will go into more detail on energy efficiency and savings in a separate article.

So, if you are looking for true specialists in wood window repair in Buffalo Grove, for your window sash, window sill or window glass repair needs – call us, and we’ll provide you with excellent service and results you can trust to serve you for decades to come.

Window repair in Buffalo Grove