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Low E window vs. Regular windows

There has been some debate about the preference of Low E windows over the regular windows. The Low emissivity (Low E) windows were introduced after centuries of using the regular windows. One of the most significant reasons why inventors were encouraged to develop Low E windows is due to the minimum capacity of the regular windows to conduct heat. Over the years, the discomfort experienced when UV rays pass through the regular windows in residential and commercial buildings led to the discovery of double paned window glasses that have the capacity to prevent UV rays from passing through windows.

There are still many residential and commercial structures that feature regular windows. In regions with good climate, where extreme weather conditions are hardly experienced, there will be no need to replace the regular windows with higher energy efficiency models such as the Low E windows.

In the following part of this article, I will be discussing the properties of the Low E windows over the regular windows.

Higher energy efficiency windows

This seems to be the advantage many homeowners want, and the Low E windows have more capacity to conduct more energy than the regular windows.

Lower energy bills

The feature of Low E windows which retains heat energy during the cold days reduces the need to use heaters, resulting in lower energy bills. Regular windows have lower energy conduction properties. They will have a minimal effect in keeping the interior part of the home warmer during winter.

Low E Windows prevent window condensation

Weather conditions can cause window condensation during the winter. But in homes with Low E panes, windows will rarely be condensed with mist due to the warm air inside the home. On the other hand, window condensation frequently occurs when regular windows are used in homes.

Double-pane Low E windows are also more resistant to hard weather conditions. This is an indication that they will last longer and require minimal maintenance. If there is any damage to the window, there are residential window repair services that can repair the damage, and you won’t know the difference when the repair is completed.

While Low E windows are more expensive than regular windows, the benefits of installing them in your home can easily match the investment. But the final decision, of course, depends on the homeowners’ budget motivation.