Window repair in Highland Park

Vinyl windows have become very popular in many cities. One of the reasons homebuilders use the vinyl windows during construction is the durability of these windows. They are made from PVC polymers in combination with other chemicals to create tough and presentable windows frames. Vinyl windows are very common in Europe and the US. The price of these windows and their maintenance is also affordable. However, many users have criticized the limitations they encounter when using vinyl windows. One of the most significant limitations is the restriction of color options for vinyl windows.

For many years, there has been a lingering myth that vinyl windows cannot be painted. Unfortunately, when these windows are exposed to harsh weather conditions, they do tend to fade with time. Vinyl windows are also prone to scratches and other issues that can cause the window frames to look less appealing with time. So it is not surprising to know that these issues have encouraged people to find ways to restore faded vinyl windows.

Vinyl windows can now be painted in any color of your choice to match the painting on your home. The best paint for this job is the latex paint. And you can choose any color to get fascinating results. Painting vinyl windows are easy; however, you have to be careful to use even strokes while painting because the uneven strokes will reveal a flaw in the finished painting job when it is dried.

DIY Vinyl Windows Painting

  • The first step is to use fine sandpaper to remove the faded coating carefully.
  • Before applying the latex paint, a primer must be applied on the vinyl window frame. You may use strips of masking tape to protect the window glass, and edges from getting stained so you won’t need to replace the glass.
  • Apply the latex paint with short even strokes to cover the entire vinyl window frame. It is important that you apply the first coat, let it dry then apply the second coat. The result will be a beautiful looking vinyl window.

Depending on how quickly you work, this window or door restoration project can be completed in a few days. However, if you don’t think you can handle it, engage the services of the best window repair company in Chicago. A professional service always achieves impressive results.