Window repair in Naperville

Due to the fact that this question is one of the most frequently asked by the customers of our window repair shop, we thought it’d be logical to write an informative piece on the challenge of choosing either replacement or window restoration in Naperville for energy efficiency reasons. Considering the winters in Illinois, it’s an understandable interest. So, what should you do when faced with a clear choice – replace the existing drafty windows or weather-proof them?

Window repair in Naperville

Weatherproofing techniques

Well, the current consensus that both industry professionals and the US Energy Department seem to have come to is that weatherproofing wins in this challenge. Let’s consider the details.

  • Pre-WWI windows are generally of a far higher quality – practically always in terms of materials, and often – in terms of craftsmanship.
  • Older windows were custom-produced and installed, with due regard for irregularities of the window frame when necessary, and have aged with the house, deforming slightly with time. Perfectly square or rectangular new windows may fit the window opening, but will not adjoin the frame as tightly, creating drafts.
  • Energy savings guaranteed by the new window manufacturers are, in fact, much of an exaggeration. If you compare them to old – yes, of course, your electricity bill will be significantly lower. But if you compare them to weather-proofed old windows – the latter will easily prove to be a more economical option – both in the cost and subsequent energy bill savings.
  • Considering the high price of replacement, it will typically take approximately forty years for an average homeowner to recoup the cost of installation. The average American changes houses far more often, so, technically, it’s virtually impossible for the savings to cover your window purchase and installation costs.
  • Usually the fine print in your replacement windows installation contract, which guarantees you huge savings on electricity, will note that if the huge savings are not actually be reflected on the bill, the manufacturer will only pay a small fine, meaning that you’ll be stuck with inefficient and very expensive windows for a long time.

Along with the majority of professionals, we believe that historic wood window repair in Naperville and anywhere else is a far better option than replacement if you’re looking for cost reduction and energy efficiency. What are the ways to go about weather-proofing your windows? Look for them in our next article. And please don’t forget – we offer door repair and window glass repair services as well, and will be happy to provide a consultation.