Window sash repair service

A window sash is a rather complicated structure, despite being seemingly simple. What exactly is it? The integrated window part that holds the panes of glass in their place, and includes related elements, such as grillework. There are five distinct parts to a window sash, some of them are optional, some – essential to the structure.

  • Glass is, apparently, the component required for a window to be a window. There may be anywhere from one to three sheets of glass, depending on the type;
  • Frame – holds the glass sheets together. Rails are the horizontal pieces, and stiles are the vertical elements. The frame may be made of wood, vinyl, metal or fiberglass;
  • Grillework – if a window is subdivided into smaller parts, grillework is the collective name for the elements that separate the larger sheet of glass into smaller segments. Older windows usually sport true mullions, which are differentiated by the wooden inserts that separate the glass panes. Contemporary windows merely have a semblance of mullions, which don’t serve any structural purpose and are inserted just for the looks;
  • Gaskets are made of either rubber or thermoplastic vulcanizates (TPV) and seal the glass within the frame;
  • Gas is used for heat insulation and energy efficiency. Argon (or, sometimes, krypton) is injected between the window panes.

Challenges in sash repair

The most frequent problem encountered by the owners is fogging. This type of window repair is best undertaken by a professional crew and resolving it is not particularly difficult. Complete replacement is far too costly to forego an attempt at window sash repair.

Other typical problems include leakage, rattling, drafts, looseness and sashes simply getting stuck. A huge difference is made by proper weather-stripping and installation of storm windows, as well by other solutions you may be offered by the repair crew.

Removing the sash may prove difficult for the older windows, after the stop is carefully removed with a small pry-bar or a flathead screwdriver. For newer windows, it’s much less of a hassle, due to the spring-based balance mechanism, which requires much less effort.

Painting your window sash is best left until after installation, so as not to paint over the functional parts that may affect window operation, once again requiring repair works.

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