Window sill repair and restoration in WINNETKA IL

Home owners – especially new home owners – often don’t realize that windows require regular maintenance and repairs and they should not wait for one of the elements to break down before contacting window professionals. It’s always better to prevent a problem than to have to deal with it when it’s already there, and it’s true for your windows, too. Maintenance is better than restoration and restoration is certainly better – and more budget-friendly – than replacing window elements or the whole window.

Window sills are visible, that’s why they are lucky to get attention from home owners as soon as the problem becomes apparent. Window sills tend to rot if the window leaks – even if the leak seems negligible.

If you would like to make your window sill look as good as new, or make some design changes, i.e., make it wider to be able to have additional seating or decorative space, our team of dedicated professionals is standing by to help. Contact us for a quick and easy estimate and subsequent repair or restoration of your window sill in Winnetka, IL.