Window frame repair

If you’re a homeowner, you probably know that any house requires maintenance. Every once in a while, your windows will also need to be repaired as a part of the upkeep – that’s just a fact of life. Window Quality Works is here to offer you a wide range of window maintenance and repair services in Chicago.

Wooden windows in particular are prone to wear, especially if they are installed in an old house. They age with it, and frequently require different types of repair. There’s always a choice between repair and replacement, but just for the record – old windows were made with the repair option in mind. They can be taken apart and put together again, broken parts or whole sashes may be restored, only to serve you for decades more.

All types of work done by experienced masters

Among our other services, we offer window frame restoration, glass repair and replacement.

The more complicated a construction is, the more prone it is to breaking. For example, one of the most frequent offenders is the double-hung wood window type, where both lower and top sections can be moved. They require yearly maintenance, if you want to avoid repair work.

Most common complaints include the window growing too tight over time, or, on the other hand, becoming too loose, or falling shut and no longer staying open unless you prop it up, the lock may get stuck – all these troubles, small and big, don’t need to hang over your head any longer. Just call us – WQW.

Contact us for the best prices and quickest work. We offer door frame repair as well, and we are just as good at it as in providing window makeovers.

Wooden window frame repair is only one of the services we offer, so please check out other options, and we’ll be glad to help you deal with all your troubles. Call us for a consultation, and we’ll find the most appropriate way to help without overcharging.

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