Window shutters repair

Our wood window repair specialist team encounters a variety of problems related to the windows and related accessories on a regular basis. Among the numerous problems that may be plaguing your windows, window shutter issues are not the most frequent, but still deserve proper attention. Even a properly installed and maintained set of shutters is subject to some damage from time, constant mechanical stress and the elements. In addition, the moving parts that are worn out by the daily opening and closing are under additional strain, just like the moving parts on doors and windows.

Louvers are the angled horizontal planks that cover most of the area of the shutter and allow to vary the amount of light to come in by changing the angle. Louvers are adjusted via the use of staples, traditionally located in the center of interior shutters. One or more louvers may break, spoiling the impression that your lovely interior would make otherwise. No home deserves to be harmed by the appearance of broken shutters, and you need to know that it does not usually require considerable investments or huge amounts of time to fix them, recovering the original look. Wooden window shutters repair in Chicago are easier than ever with our experienced crew and professional approach.

What problems may you encounter with wooden shutters?

  1. The louvers may be missing or damaged.
  2. A tilt rod staple may be missing from your beautiful shutters.
  3. The staples may become unstable and no longer be reliable.
  4. Tilt rods, which run through the center often require removal and replacement.
  5. The tilt bar weight may drag the louvers down into a closed position due to a loss of shutter tension.
  6. Shutter magnets may need to be replaced, which is a simple procedure that may easily resolve some annoying issues.

If you require wooden window shutters repair, look no further – Window Quality Works provides a range of services that will definitely leave you satisfied and your windows beautiful and functional. Call on us, we are always ready to provide window and door repair anywhere in the Chicago area.