Hot weather window fixes

Finally, the summer is almost here! The parks are full, the kids are out and you can relax outdoors. But with that comes the task of keeping your home cool. Your windows are the gateway to the outdoors; hence, protecting it (even in the summer) is essential.

There’s nothing like having the windows open when there is a nice breeze out, but that is not always the case. Sometimes the air is still and hot outside. Besides, the sun shining through can really heat up your house.

Below are several hot weather window fixes to help keep the house cool, especially in the summer:

  • Solar Film

Just as the car windows are tinted, a similar thing can be done for residential home windows. Window films are unobtrusive plastic films. They have a metallic, low-emissivity (low-e) coating that helps to reflect infrared radiation (heat). They are directly applied to window glass. Films are capable of blocking more heat when they are darker. Installing a solar film will decrease the amount of heat passing through the home and help save money on the cooling bill.

  • Close Up Leaks

Closing up the air leaks in the summer can help keep the house cool. Examples are cracked windows and window edges. This is done just the same way that sealing up air leaks in the winter stops the hot air from escaping.

  • Installing New Curtains

By installing a new thick curtain in front of the windows, the sun will be kept out, making the house become nice and cool. It will also add aesthetic value to the house.

  • Consider Solar Shades

Install a light-blocking, polyester-coated mesh screens inside or out, either as fixed panels or with retractable roll-up mechanisms. They are available in various mesh counts; the higher the count, the more heat is kept out.

  • Install Awnings

This is an old-fashioned and effective strategy for shading windows. Solar heat gain by windows can be effectively reduced by awnings. They are easier to operate and require less maintenance than ever.

  • Hang Shutters

Hang shutters help to shield interiors from the sun’s rays. They are usually made of wood or fiberglass and can effectively block heat and light. Interior wood shutters with movable louvers can enable people to control how much light gets in.

We are a residential window repair company, and we will be glad to advise on the best way to keep your house comfortable in any season.