Wood door repair service

Whether the door to your house or your interior door have been damaged in any way, and wood door repair is required, and fast – we’ll come to the rescue. Regardless of the extent of the damage and of its source, Window Quality Works offers all the services you may require.

What is it that usually happens to the doors to our homes and inside of them?

For the outside doors, the most frequent offenders are rot, weather elements (water and outside temperature) and sunlight. Interior doors are mostly plagued by mechanical damage.

For both types the problem is intensified by initial low wood quality, improper factory manufacturing and handling.

Types of damage

  • Rot;
  • Weather damage;
  • Sunlight damage.

If the rot is the essential problem, the damaged part, which is usually on the bottom of the door, needs to be removed and door restoration is in order. One of the reason the doors are attacked by rot is that non-factory finish is often not applied properly to the bottom of the door. That’s why the part that replaces the old segment needs to be carefully coated before being attached.

Weather damage usually entails cracked wood, decay around the damaged area, discoloration, and lifted finish. Chemical stripping is required for the finish, whether it is paint or clear coating. The cracks or fissures will probably need to be sealed with epoxy filler, and the new finish is applied only after sanding and priming. If the door was originally well-made, it would be decades before it requires any major repairs.

Sunlight usually creates cracks in the paint and wrecks the finish, making it peel, but rarely penetrates deep into the wood itself. Thus, dealing with it is usually easier than with the two types we mentioned earlier, but only if the damage is relatively recent and had not yet let the fungi in to eat away at the wooden door.

We are an experienced door & window repair company in Chicago, IL, and if you were searching for “door repair near me”, you must be in the Chicago area as well. Give us a call, and we’ll be happy to let you know what your options are for wood door and window repair. If you have a glass insert in your door, we can also assist you in restoring it, as we offer door and window glass repair among other services.