Window glass repair service

Window glass is fragile and sometimes breaks. Is your kid a football player who likes to train on your lawn? Was there a break-in? Was there some accident that led to a crack or a hole in your glass pane? Window glass repair is a very frequent service. Glass works leads in the number of service orders placed, according to our statistics.

It used to be much easier and cheaper to replace glass, and it was the job for the man of the house, which did not require any outside professionals. It’s still doable on your own if you’re good with instruments, but the window sash constructions have become more complex and contemporary materials require professional skills. The double-pane insulating windows are particularly difficult to deal with, since the sealing has to be perfect for the inside not to fog up and to retain its insulating qualities. Since the entire sash often needs to be removed, it requires more than one person to handle, so, once again, why not call on us and be rid of your window repair problems.

Why not just do window glass repairs yourself?

In case something goes wrong in your repair process, window replacement may be needed. It is a is very costly and drawn-out procedure, so we suggest you leave glass replacement to our professional crew. We are a window repair company in Chicago, and our range of services covers all possible troubles you may have with your windows or doors. Another issue that glass dealers may not extend their warranty to the glass that is not installed by professionals.

If you’ve been dreaming about responsible and experienced window repair masters who work on a schedule convenient to you and do not leave you bankrupt – give us a call for more details.