Don’t Neglect that crack on your window sill

The window sill is out there in the open; it is exposed to harsh weather conditions and prone to rot, which may manifest as cracks and softness. Window sills are important; they improve the features of the window and prevent water from gathering at the base of the window.

However, you may need to call in a window repairer once in a while for repairs and maintenance regardless of how tough your window sills are. The most apparent sign that your window sill needs to be repaired is the appearance of cracks on the window sill.

This happens to window sills made from wood. The cracks may not be very visible at first but can become prominent over time. Cracks in window sills happen due to extreme weather and moisture. If your window is very old, there may also be cracks.

There is always a solution when you contact a professional window repair contractor. We have the best tools and experience to handle all cases of rotted window sill repair in Wheaton. Contact us for an onsite inspection and quick intervention to fix your window sill.