Regular maintenance for window Sills

The window sill is an important part of the window. It has many essential functions, which makes it important, so you should plan to have regular maintenance for your window sill to make them last longer.

I always advise everyone to clean their windows and the sills often. By cleaning the windows regularly, you can observe signs of wear that should be fixed quickly before the condition worsens.

Regarding window sills, the following maintenance can be done to make them function and last longer.

Repainting the window sill

It is a great idea to paint your window sills after a few months, or when you observe the paint has faded. Painting window sills prevents rot and makes them more resilient to moisture or extreme weather conditions.

Regular cleaning

Window sills should be cleaned with warm water and a soft pad. Cleaning window sills removes dirt and makes them less appealing to ants or other pests that can cause damage.

Repair cracks

Cracks on your window seal can be filled, and if the condition is too bad, the window sill may need to be replaced.

However, window sills that have been compromised by rot need to be replaced. We are the best contractors for rotted window sill repair in Tinley Park.