Sliding window repair

Sliding windows can be found in residential and commercial buildings all over Chicago. The preference for this type of window is the ease at which they can be opened or shut when necessary. Sliding windows are known to last for very long periods without any issues, especially when they are well maintained by professional window repair experts in Chicago. These windows are mostly made from aluminum materials. The installation of sliding windows must be done very carefully because a little dent in the track can cause the users a lot of difficulties. However, if dents occur during use, it is a problem that can be solved by experienced window repair experts.

Some common issues experienced with the sliding windows include:

Loud Rattling sound while in use

This is probably caused by a fault with the insulation tubes or the sliding sash. The solution to this problem carrying out some necessary readjustments or replacements whichever option is decided after an inspection.

Dented track

A dented track will cause the sliding window to become stuck at the point where the track is dented. It is another quick problem that can be solved by our window repair technicians.

Stuck Window

Dirt or obstacles in the window track can prevent you from opening or closing the window. The tracks can be cleaned, or if there is an obstacle, it can be dislodged to enable you to slide the window to the end of the track.

You may also encounter issues such as cracked window glass or a broken latch. Whatever the issue is, our team can help, Our Chicago window restoration service will ensure that your sliding windows are in perfect condition to ensure that you can always enjoy the benefits of having these windows in your homes.