Why is a Window Sash Prone to Rot?

The window sash, like other parts of the window, is exposed to different weather conditions outdoors. If it is not properly made or fixed in the window, the sash can show signs of rot in a very short time.

Here are some of the main reasons window sashes are prone to rot

Exposure to moisture

When exposed to moisture for a long time, the window sash can become rotted. This happens during the winter season, moisture causes the window sash to become softer, and over time it is damaged by rot.

Substandard materials

Window sashes made from substandard materials can also rot easily. The window sashes made from aluminum can show signs of corrosion a few weeks after they are fixed, due to exposure to moisture. This is why you must ensure that the window you buy is of high quality.

Old windows

If your windows are very old, it won’t be surprising to observe some signs of rot affecting the window sash, especially on the window sash.

If you observe signs of rot on your window sash, please contact us for a professional rotted window sash repair in Wheaton.