Why won’t my windows open or close?

One of the most frequent window-related complaints, or at least one that’s the most apparent, is the difficulty in opening and closing a window. That may be the very first time you even give your windows a second thought aside from cleaning them. But once you want some fresh air in the room, and don’t have a chance to – that may force you to take action.

Very often lubrication with a solvent-free and non-silicone composition and thorough cleaning of the moving parts take care of the problem, and if you conduct routine maintenance on your windows, you’re probably in the clear. However, sometimes it is not enough, and that’s where this article, and, perhaps, the assistance of qualified experts may be in place.

What are the issues that may need to be resolved in order for your windows to begin function smoothly again?

Awning and casement windows

There are a number of reasons why awning and casement windows may fail to work properly. Removing the sash is the starting point, then you would need to check for loose screws and lubricate hinges with silicone. If neither one of the two methods seem to make things better, the problem is probably in the failing operator, which likely needs to be replaced. In very rare cases window sash repair is required.

Single and double hung windows

Most frequently the spring that’s drawn too tight is to blame for the trouble.  That requires adjustment or replacement of the spring, and can do it yourself or by professionals if you’re not comfortable with DIY. In any case, it’s a minor problem that does not require much time or money to resolve.

Sliding windows

The problem with sliding windows usually lies in the roller system, and cleaning dust and debris out of the track and rollers should resolve the issue. If not, call us and we will assist you in replacing the track and roller system.

A few tricks

A common reason for a window being stuck is a paint seal – if you’ve painted your windows recently, it’s almost surely the case.

Vaseline works very well for lubrication if there’s no lubricant at hand.