Care and maintenance of wood windows

Wood windows are so elegant – they can transform the appearance of your home. Many homeowners have had their wood windows for years, and there is no reason for a replacement because of the proper care and maintenance done to preserve the beauty of these windows. If you are in Joliet, our professional window repair and restoration services have been developed to ensure that your windows always look beautiful and function perfectly.

Routine wood window maintenance

Let’s have a look at some of the routine maintenance needed to keep wood windows working and looking perfect.

The window frame is the main part of a wood window. It holds the different parts together. It is essential that the frame of your wood window be protected from rot and damage to make your window last long. The routine checks done to maintain wood window frames include checking for faults in the joints, poor finishing, broken and damaged parts or the presence of fungi due to exposure to moisture. Anti-fungal products will be used for maintenance to prevent the growth of fungi and water repellent materials can prevent damage caused by exposure to water.

The moving parts of windows also need to be carefully maintained to prevent annoying creaky noises when opening and closing the window. These sounds are a result of friction and can cause wear. Cracks in the window glass may require immediate replacement, and peeling paint usually means the wood window needs to be primed and repainted to restore its beauty.

Other features of the wood window that must be maintained include the window sash and the locks. Our window technicians are always ready to assist you with wood window repair and restoration in Joliet. Contact us today for a free assessment of your wood windows when you are remodeling or notice some faults when the windows are being used. In the long-run, maintaining wood windows is cheaper than a replacement, and you can trust our technicians for the best results.