Basement window repair

Basement windows are very important in homes. The basement can serve many purposes, some teens turn the basement into a video game center, in other homes, basements are used for storage, a library or a comfortably furnished part of the home where anyone can go to relax. The basement window is a source of natural light during the day to illuminate the basement. It is also important for ventilation; however, most basement windows are fixed. Depending on the type of house or the size of the basement, these windows can be of different sizes. They feature the basic parts found in regular windows, but the basement windows tend to be more fortified to prevent burglars from gaining access to the home through the basement, and for the weather elements not to have a great impact.

The low position of the basement windows makes it important that they be regularly checked and maintained to prevent leaks and damage. Basement windows made with metal frames also need to be often repainted to prevent corrosion. Options of basement windows include the vinyl basement windows, glass block windows, sliding basement windows among others.

Basement window issues

Some common issues that homeowners encounter regarding basement windows include

  • leaks
  • broken window glass
  • corrosion
  • condensation due to cold weather
  • the need for regular cleaning
  • they can become an entry point for ants, insects, and even rodents if the installation was not properly done.

In Chicago, our professional window repair services are always available to assure you that you will not experience any of these issues with your basement windows for long because we will respond quickly to help you fix the problem. We can replace the glass in the window if there has been a break-in or an accident, repair or replace window frames, we also offer maintenance service, such as leak prevention, among others. As always, regular checks and maintenance can help you avoid spending more money on replacements, which is always preferred by any homeowners. Call us today to have your basement windows inspected, and avoid a huge investment in the future.