Bay windows

Windows are an essential part of the home. Over the years architects have explored different window designs, these efforts have either been made to enhance one of the functions of windows or simply to create designs that add more appeal to the structure. One of the notable building designs is the bay window design. Bay windows have a grand and classic look which gives buildings a regal appearance.

bay windowsThe bay windows project outward from the building. There are three windows, the main window and two flankers (side windows). In some buildings, bay windows are designed to be stationary while other designs feature hinges and or railings required to operate.

Bay windows were designed in the Middle Ages; they were installed in many of the mansions that housed aristocratic families in the early English Renaissance period. Even till this day, they are winning the hearts of many homeowners who want to have them installed in their old or new homes.

Why use bay windows?

These windows may look different from the other window designs, but they have some outstanding features which make them a favorite. Bay windows are commonly installed in dining rooms, music rooms, and home offices.

Some advantages of the bay windows include:

  • Good source of light

The light rays that come in through a bay window make the room well illuminated. This is one of the reasons they are installed in offices. In many homes, bay windows are fitted with an allowance that can hold a vase of flowers. It is the perfect spot for flowers because of the sunlight.

  • Good ventilation

Bay windows that are not stationary allow more breeze in for proper ventilation.

  • Aesthetic appeal

Bay windows are beautiful and original. Different types of window glass can be used to enhance the aesthetic appeal of bay windows.

  • A good view of the outdoors

Builders and architects strategically position bay windows on the sides of buildings to present a good view of the environment.

Disadvantages of bay windows

  • Structural issues

Buildings in places that are too windy or prone to storms may cause the bay windows to have structural problems that will need to be fixed by a window repair company.

  • Exposure of interior areas to heat

During the summer, bay windows can let in too much heat to make the room quite uncomfortable.

  • Difficult to manage

Bay windows are generally difficult to manage due to the complex structure.

If you have a faulty bay window, it can be fixed. Get in touch with an experienced window repair company in Chicago to fix your bay windows to continue enjoying their benefits.