Contemporary windows installation

We are not planning to surprise anyone here, but we live in the third millennium, and architectural tendencies are developing towards the high-tech, just as every other sphere that’s going in the same direction. With the houses growing increasingly more modern, the windows need to match the architectural style and create a harmonious ensemble with all the other segments and details. What kinds of windows will emphasize the modern style and fit in perfectly with your home?

What types of windows are growing more popular?

There are several general contemporary trends in window design that you may want to take a note of, if you are planning to update your home or to build the house of your dreams from ground up.

  • Minimalism

The windows tend to be bigger, and fewer in number. An unobstructed view of the exterior is preferable, and all decorative elements that don’t have any practical value are excluded.

  • Aluminum is in

Aluminum is gaining recognition as a window frame material that’s not just for factories, warehouses and auto repair shops anymore. It’s a perfectly good fit for a residential space, since modern aluminum windows are as energy efficient as any other, with proper insulation, of course.

  • Pivot window varieties are prevalent

Casement and awning windows fit perfectly into the contemporary trend. Pivot operation is very convenient, provides great ventilation and looks very well-composed and clean in both closed and open positions.

  • Nothing in the way of your eyes

The window frames are currently the thinnest they’ve ever been in history. No grilles or muntins, just a sleek frame with a beautiful view showing through.

  • Geometrically shaped hardware

It’s only natural for the hardware for the trendy, sleek-looking windows to also be angular, neat and sophisticated. The clean lines of the larger window are supplemented by the small details that are also simple and perfectly convenient.

  • Color for good mood

Natural wood finish is a timeless classic, but colors are finding their way more and more into the very traditional window industry.

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