Cost to repair windows in old house

Any homeowner has faced, or has at least heard of the terrifying time that comes when the need to repair or replace windows emerges. Either the window frames and sashes have succumbed to rot, and are no longer subject to repair, or there are drafts racing through your entire house and multiplying the amount due on your heating bill, or you’re just ready to update the look of your home – there are numerous things to be considered before you make a decision.

Replace or repair?

If the reasons are purely aesthetical, and you want to change the way the windows look – then there no question about it, go for the window sash replacement. If, however, you’re troubled by the heating costs, think that the old windows are driving the costs up and decided to repair windows in an old house in Chicago – you’re probably right in the premise, but not in the conclusion that you’ve made. In any case, you need to be aware that there are many steps to be taken to improve the situation before making a decision to replace them.

First of all, there’s insulation to consider – you’ll be surprised to find out how significant your heating bill savings will be after proper insulation. And the price of insulation is incomparable to the cost to repair windows. Just look at the options – self-stick rubber weather sealing, cellular shades, window insulation film, layered curtains, draft snakes, and, with some help from professionals, the installation of removable interior window panes, or storm windows.

If your windows became foggy, there are affordable professional procedures available to rid you of the fog and bring your beautiful clear windows back to life. Once again, it goes without saying that this treatment is far more affordable than window replacement and takes a much shorter time to conduct.

If none of the above measures work, it may indeed be the time to replace your windows. The cost of replacement varies widely, and depends on the kind of windows you’d like to install. Please call us for a detailed estimate that takes all your wishes and your budget into account. We’ll be glad to provide all types of window replacement and window repair services.