Window repair in Des Plaines

Besides wood window repair, replacement and the full range of related services in Des Plaines, our Chicago-area based company Window Quality Works offers wood door restoration.

Doors have been the material of choice in homes for centuries. They can range from very affordable or extremely expensive, but almost always add a sophisticated look to both the exterior and interior.

There are a number of problems that may lead you to type “door and window repair near me” in your browser’s search box. Doors are as much subject to wear as the windows, or any other part of your home. Time and age cause a variety of issues that we will surely be able to help you with. Let’s see what may happen to the doors of a house.

Frequent issues that require door repair

1) Doors may bind or stick. The reasons for this may vary, and include:

  1. a) buildup caused by repeated painting and dirt;
  2. b) door sagging in its frame due to the house settling over time;
  3. c) initial door misalignment that intensified over the years.

2) Door surfaces can be damaged to a different extent and require different amounts of attention.

3) Door hinges may get stuck due to rust or mechanical issues, or, on the other hand, may become too loose. Folding doors may pop out of their pivot mounts, while pocket doors may come out of the tracks.

Most of the problems are common to both exterior and interior doors, although, of course, exterior doors are subject to weather impact and rot, while interior doors are protected from these types of damage.

Certain minor door repair issues may be dealt with on your own, if you have tool experience and common sense. If, however, your door or window repair problem seems like you need a professional crew to deal with it – don’t hesitate to call us for any reason – a leisurely consultation or emergency services.